I Would Like to Welcome You to another Wonderful School Year

               at Brockbank Elementary!


We are excited about our new BFF (Brockbank Family Friends)  groups in our school.   This gives us an opportunity to create a school culture by learning together across grade levels.  Please ask an adult at our school for more information if desired.

The following are some of the services available to your children:

All Star Groups (Support Groups):

Small group sessions will be held during the year to address needs such as:

·         Anger Management

·         Divorce

·         School Behavior

·         Grief

·         Self-Esteem

·         Stress Management

·         Social Skills

·         and other personal, social,                        emotional or behavioral issues. 

Students can be referred to these groups by their parents or teachers throughout the school year. Your child may be asked to participate as a peer example for the group. Written parental consent is required.

Classroom Presentations

The school counselor will be visiting each of the classrooms throughout the year to present character education lessons. Examples of these lessons are dealing with feelings, being responsible, learning to cooperate, how to deal with change, being a friend, resolving conflicts, and strengthening self esteem. Your students will be encouraged to go home and share what they have learned in these lessons.



One-on-One Counseling

Any of the topics mentioned in the group area can also be addressed individually.  Students may be referred by parents or teachers.  All must have a signed parent consent form before ongoing services can be provided.  You can print out the page titled parent consent form here: Documents Please sign it and turn it in to your child's teacher, the counselor or the front office.  I look forward to meeting you and your child.



  I would love to support you as a parent in your quest to help your student.  I am happy to talk over ideas with you and help you find resources to help.  Our district also offers parenting classes that can be very helpful in building the skills we use to help our children.

Love and Logic Parenting Classes will be held this fall and throughout the year. 

Nebo School District Parent Education Program Fall/Winter

School Counselors are not therapists.  Groups and individual counseling sessions are designed to teach students skills that can help them cope with the problems or issues they are currently facing to help them be successful in school. If you feel that your child needs therapy, Please go to : Parent Resources to find a list of counseling resources in Utah Valley.

Terri Jensen - School Counselor       

Brockbank Elementary

Ph. 798-4025

Email: terri.jensen@nebo.edu

Mondays,Tuesday – Thursday mornings